Monday, July 13, 2009

Exclusive Video - Worm Poop

All the videos in the world
would not do justice to the summer efforts of a few dedicated TMA students. Every day they come to the school garden. They water and weed. They harvest and cook. They deliver treats to staff. Ask Jessica Sher! They brought her whole wheat pasta flavored with pesto sauce made from the garlic, basil, and onion that they had harvested that morning. And, as you just saw, they keep a worm bin to compost food waste.

Last week they sold eggplant, garlic, and bags of their compost at the Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market. Above, you saw Green Club co-advisor Sam Ullery, and below you will hear his teammate Sarah Johnson. But the story here is the students: Brittany McGhee, Moo Johnson, Keith Jenkins, Aaron Toomer, Akasha Rodgers, Brian Crawford, and Isaiah May. As Ms. Johnson said last week, "At first, I think I may have motivated them, even inspired a few. Now, though? They inspire me."

Check out the videos. And when you're done, make plans to visit us at the farmer's market.


  1. I think the worm compost was a good idea, and that green club should do it again this year demstrating it in front of the entire school.

  2. Dag, $5 for poop! Does the money go back into the garden by buying more seeds or something?

  3. Yes, $5 for poop. It's gold for us and it helps gardens grow. And yes, the money goes back to green club to help pay for supplies and more seeds as well. Don't worry, we're not the government. We know what to do with our money.

  4. why dont they have any gloves on?